Providing valuable support can often include significant tax benefits that accompany planned gifts.  These plans can include a simple bequest to Shreveport Opera designating a percentage of your estate, or all or part of the funds  left over after all other bequests are made.  A gift of a specific sum is also welcome. 


You may make a gift of a life insurance policy to Shreveport Opera, or name the Opera as the beneficiary of your insurance policy, IRA, or other retirement plan. 

A bequest to Shreveport Opera is a planned gift generally free of estate and other taxes. This can be accomplished by a simple update to your will, a codicil to your will, or living trust. A charitable bequest can be established for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate.

With a residual bequest, your estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses, and specific bequests. The remaining amount -- the residual -- will be transferred to Shreveport Opera.

With a contingent bequest you may ask Shreveport Opera receive all or a portion of your estate only under certain circumstances. For example, you may name Shreveport Opera as a beneficiary only if there are no surviving close family members. Childless couples may provide for the entire estate to go to the surviving spouse, or if the spouse does not survive, to the Opera. 


Life Insurance
Naming Shreveport Opera as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy may prevent the insurance proceeds from being included in your estate. In addition, premiums paid on the policy may in certain instances be taken as a charitable deduction on your income tax return, if the Opera is named as the owner of the policy.


IRA or Retirement Plans
Avoid multiple estate and income taxes by naming Shreveport Opera as a beneficiary of your IRAs or retirement plans. These assets are normally subject both to estate and income taxes upon death. However, if Shreveport Opera is named as beneficiary, those taxes may be avoided.


You may also want to consider other planned giving vehicles, such as:

Charitable Gift Annuities 
You can make a gift and receive guaranteed payments for life. Payments may exceed the return on low-earning securities or CDs.


Charitable Remainder Trusts 

A great way to make a gift!  Receive regular income payments and defer or eliminate gains taxes, as well as receiving a substantial tax deduction, depending on your situation and your circumstances.


If you choose to remember Shreveport Opera in your estate plan or other planned giving, please let us know, so we may say thank you and make sure that your intentions are carried out.  Or, if you would prefer, we will keep your giving intention confidential. 

Of course, you’ll want to consult your attorney, as well as your tax and financial advisors for specific advice.


For more information about making a planned gift, please contact Jennifer McMenamin, CFRE, Executive Director, at or by phone at (318) 227-9503.


Options for contributing NOW include:

  • Donation to the Annual Fund

  • Sponsorship of a Shreveport Opera Xpress (SOX) Show

  • Sponsorship of a Principal Artist for a Mainstage Production

  • Memorial Contribution

  • Honorarium Contribution

  • And, much more!