Art After Dark

Friday, November 13th, 7 p.m.
RiverView Theatre


This year’s Art After Dark production consists of the following four one-act operas, presented back-to-back:


Leo: Opera in One Cat – a jazz-based production, where one man and one cat face off in a battle of wills. Composed by Michael Ching with libretto by Fernando Fonseca based on Cal Massey’s story “Leo Spat”


Bon Appétit! – This delicious opera is a comedic take on a classic episode of Julia Child’s popular television show – set to music! Composer Lee Hoiby and Librettist Julia Child, adapted by Mark Shulgasser 


Feel the Tango – Joe & Sandy get more than they bargain for when they order the paella. Laugh with us and get swept away by the rhythm of the Tango! Composer Joseph Illick and Librettest Susan Westfall


Pepito – A classic tale of "who rescued who?" A forgotten shelter dog meets a young couple looking for the perfect addition to their family. Composer Nicolas Lell Benavides and Librettist Marella Martin Koch

Total time: 75 minutes

No intermission

All tickets are $35 (no balcony seating)